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Dunno if I should still try using cups now...

Well, after the Femmecup incident, I managed to wear it properly and decided it was too short for my medium cervix, so I bought a Diva cup and a Lunette and I planned on trading the Femmecup on mc-sales... until today. My mom went rummaging through my stuff and found my hiding place for all of my cups. Last year, I brought up the topic of cups to my mom and she said that she didn't want me using cups and listed some absurd reasons as for why. She got really mad at me when she found out I had 3 of them, so I lied a bit and said I won them. My mom said that I put out my "personal information" like my date of birth and my real name, on the internet and the companies could use it for identity theft. She also said it was a stupid idea to want to "shove a foreign object up your vagina" and that using them would destroy my vagina since I'm only 13. I thought that sounded ridiculous, but my mom didn't wanna hear it. She confiscated all my cups and even the boxes they came in. She told me that since she never thought of shoving any random thing inside her and walking around in it, I shouldn't either. She even said that it could give me a UTI, which could kill me. She even looked at the stem on my Lunette. She said that it could stab me while I wore it and I might bleed to death if that happened. Yes, I said it was silicone, thus making it very hard to cut skin, but she didn't wanna hear it. But the thing is, my mom never even knew cups existed before I talked to her about it. In fact, she doesn't even know about reusable pads. She makes me use those Always pads, which I despise because they keep me up at night worrying about leaks, and whenever I stand up, I just feel all the blood rush out, and I hate that feeling. I don't bring extra pads to school because of the people that go through your stuff, so I wear 4 at a time to reduce the chance of leaking, and yet I still suffer major leaks, and got 2 yeast infections and several rashes from them, not t mention a ruined mattress and several ruined blankets and clothes. I never even had a chance to try my Diva cup or the Lunette because I got them after my period and planned to try one in March. My mom said she threw them out since I wouldn't ever use one, but I found the pouches in her drawer while sneaking around and found nothing in he trash, so I'm positive she still has my cups. I don't know if I should take the risk and steal them back, or if I should just keep using those pads.

I finally got back my internet privileges, and I already deduced a plan that I hope will work. Since she seems to be getting over the whole cup thing, I'm going to talk to my mom about Lunapads and see what she thinks. I already know by now that I'm definitely not a "pad" person, but Lunapads seem a heck of a lot more convenient for me than Always pads. I think that she might be a bit more open to the idea of reusable pads since they too require no insertion. If it works out, then perhaps a few years later I could bring back up the topic of cups again.
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