purplepipsy (purplepipsy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Rainbow cup burn test

Hello all! I have been lurking for a while but thought I should finally bite the bullet so I can share what I have found. Let me first start by saying that I've only been cupping for a couple of cycles. When I bought my cup I really hadn't researched them at all. I went to amazon; saw the Rainbow Cup; liked the price, colors, and reviews and took the plunge. Had I researched a little more, I might have chosen something different, but I've got the rainbow and I plan on using it for now. (And so far, I have no real complaints other than the country of origin.)

I bought the size 2 (post pregnancy) in cyan color. I had to trim the stem and thought I'd do a burn test on the part I cut off. I am happy to report that it passed with flying colors: no melting, deformity, or stickiness, just gray/white ash.

Thanks to all who make this site great!

To the admin: Wasn't sure exactly where to tag this since there isn't a Rainbow tag. Please move this if I messed up. Thanks!
Tags: environmental impact, stem length/trimming, where to buy

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