Rachel Winona (Goobyhatter) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Rachel Winona

Help new to cups, how do i tell if i have it in right?

Okay so I have a small purple Lunette with a full stem. I'm 23, virgin, probably no hymen but still pretty small. Also right now my cervix is medium I think. I can touch it with my middle finger in to about my middle knuckle, but when i do it moves up the more i put my finger in.

So put my cup in (using waterbased lube, clean cup and clean hands), used punchdown fold as when I tried different folds in my hands folds like the c fold, the , and the triangle all seemed to pop open sideways not level. Got my cup in with difficulty and both hands while sitting on the toilet. It didn't pop open, tried to turn in, didn't turn. So I put my finger up next to the cup all the way around until i found the punchdown spot, I pushed my vagina aside and the cup opened. I also made sure my cervix wasn't next to the cup when after this by doing another round with my finger. At this point the stem is sticking all the way out so I tried to push the cup in a bit and it wouldn't budge.

Questions, is it normal for the stem to stick out that far? When I put the cup in and before it has popped open is that when I should make sure the cup is up high enough? If so how do i make sure the cup pops open around my cervix and not next to it? Also how high up am I trying to put this cup? I have a heavy flow and if my small isn't large enough would a large cup pop open by putting my finger all the way around the outside of the cup as well? Is this maybe too soft of a cup for me? Why won't it twist? Does it need to twist? Once it's in will the cup move to the best place for me by itself whether or not it is suctioned? How do i tell if it suctioned?

Questions mark 2, my little sister is 10 and we are expecting her to start her period this year she is about 5"1'. We are wanting to know about cups for her. I've heard that small lunette's are good for beginners of this age and also small meluna's. If I am using a small lunette and I have to stick my finger next to it (which the cup and my finger all barely fit), how is she supposed to do the same her vagina will be smaller around. I was told that a small meluna classic would be good for her because the minis are a hassle and the classic pops open well for beginners. My worry about meluna is the material, the TPE i think its called. The only thing I know about it is read from the meluna site and as a general rule I always get more than 1 opinion about something I know nothing about. I'm not just going to trust the company who sells them to tell me the truth companies are there to make money. Also they could be telling the truth but only up to their knowledge. Like how it used to be fine to smoke and drink while pregnant, now it's not, but it was never good for you people just didn't know yet. Or their product can be super amazing, wonderful, and safe for your body, but I need more information before I get one for my 10 year old sister to stick in her vagina.

I welcome ALL help suggestions and questions, please don't be mean, and thank you all very much in advance.

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