abaco07 (abaco07) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Size help!

Ok guys,
I have been dying to check this out, but I am determined to get the right size/shape the first go around.
I have been leaning hard towards the large Fleurcup.
I guess I am simply searching for confirmation that this is a right choice.
I am a 17 year old virgin with a high cervix (I can hardly touch it) and a moderate to heavy flow. I want a soft cup but I am also an athlete and don't want to worry about leakage.

I'm a little worried about choosing large, I have read the sizing has more to do with capacity. Correct?

But I want large capacity coverage for my heavy days yet not have it too large that I am uncomfortable.
Make sense?

Anyone have any advice? Confirmation? Testimonies?

I would love to hear!
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