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College Help!

Hello community!

I'm 18 and I just started college. I used tampons, which were a major pain because I had to change them so often, buy so many and use heavy duty pads to accompany them. I could also never get them in properly without a bit of discomfort. I found out about the cups and this website which is AMAZING! However, since I'm in college I just need advice on managing the cup.
1. I share a bathroom with 5 guys and it's just a constant smelly mess. Also, I don't want to be cleaning my cup in the sink and they walk in. I also work, dance and move around a lot so recommendations on bulk disinfecting wipes/washes would be appreciated.
2. After my period, I'm not sure how I would boil the cup. Should I just heat water in a microwave and put the cup in a container of hot water, or is that not sufficient? My college doesn't allow for anything with a heating coil that isn't a microwave, and I've come across a few mini boilers.
3. I'm a virgin, no kids, my opening is quite small and I have a really heavy flow. I couldn't get my finger to measure, but I usually use the Tampax Radiant tampons and the length of those is fine. It's 12 grams and about 6.5cm long. I've looked at Lunette, DivaCup, MissCup and a few others but I'm scared that the size will be too big or just not hold enough. Where should I look?

Any advice/cleaning product recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
Tags: cleaning - boiling, cleaning - public, first time use
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