Quitterie (quitterie) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Wonderings about a contraceptive device or cup?, the Shanghai Lily

Hi :o)

I first came into this device on the great cervicalbarriers.org site. And then saw the 2 pages for it on the muvs site =

From the same site, here is what one can read on another corner of the said nice site =
"One of our favourite items is the mysterious “Lily“ latex condom for women produced by “Shanghai Lily Life Rubber Product Ltd.“ and distributed by Chinese family planing services. With a little imagination its appearance reminds you of a sea anemona. We are not even sure which way up it should be used (where is the top?). Being a cervical barrier it’s more or less a diaphragm, a fact supported by its usage together with a cream. None of our efforts to gain further information or additional samples has been successful so far. Any helpful hints would be most welcome!"

Really strange! Feels like some honey would flow from it ;).. also looks like the vaginal walls, well a little.
Does any of you would know it?
Cheers x
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