super top secret (7deadlysins) wrote in menstrual_cups,
super top secret

cup feels like it's pointing sideways/general advice needed

Hi everyone,

I have a b size moon cup (the smaller one). This is the first time I've used it and I'm having some trouble figuring out what is normal and what isn't.

The first time I put it in, last night, I had already trimmed the stem a bit, but the bottom part of the cup and some of the stem were right at the entrance of my vagina. Walking and sitting were making the stem rub on my labia and it was really uncomfortable, but I powered through it and just thought I'd need to trim the stem more.

So maybe an hour and a half later I decided to check on it, and it turns out that it barely collected any blood, and the rest just seemed to run down the sides and onto my underwear. So I washed it and put it away because my vag was sore (from the stem, and also from fighting to remove it).

I tried it again this morning, after trimming the stem some more. I also stuck a finger up there this time to make sure it was expanded fully, and I felt some air go in, so I'm assuming my problem the first time was that it wasn't open all the way. But this time it seems like it went up way higher than I expected. There is still a few mm of stem left on it, but it's all the way up inside now. I have to put my finger inside my vagina to even feel the stem. It feels like the stem is sitting just inside the muscles (kegels?)

Is this normal? Do I just have a really high cervix? I've only tried to feel my cervix once and I had to struggle to reach my middle finger as far up as I could. I don't really want to get a bigger cup because I'm already kind of having problems getting the lip of the moon cup in even after folding it.

Also, I am pretty sure it's open all the way now, I tried to run a finger all the way around and make sure but it was like there wasn't enough room in some spots for my finger to be in there with the cup. Also, the stem is pointing to the right. I tried to push/pull it to the center but it's like it doesn't want to go. Is it normal for it to be tilted a little to one side or the other? And how can I tell if it's opened properly if I can't feel all the way around it to make sure it's round?

I guess I will find out in an hour or two if it's working properly, but I'm really upset and frustrated right now and I need feedback/reassurance. I really want this stupid thing to work but I feel like I'm either doing something wrong or my vagina is shaped wrong for it, or something.

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