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Can't seem to get a seal

I'm new to menstrual cups. I'm 22 and never had children so I bought the Diva 1 since they are sold in EarthFare. I was really excited to use it since pads are very annoying and tampons are not nice to my lady bits. My period started the day I bought it so my first time using was the first day of my period. My first days are usually pretty light. I had no issues getting it in, using the C fold method. It glided right in and I was able to turn it. I thought it opened and for a while I had no leaks. But then the leaks started.
I have tried over and over again and I can't seem to keep it from leaking. I read some forums, including posts in the community and began to realize that I never heard a suction noise or even felt a suction. When I took the Diva out it just slid out right, no problems and I pulled it out from the stem with no resistance and no pain. So that confirmed that I did not have a good seal.
I have done a bit of searching and I'm not fully sure if my cervix sits low or not but I have to do a bit of reaching before I can touch it so I don't think it sits too low so I don't think the length of the cup is the issue. The stem doesn't bother my either.

My issue I think is the width. I've never had children so I thought Diva 1 was my correct size but maybe I need something wider? I'm new to cups and there are sooooo many so researching them all is a bit overwhelming. Have anyone else had any problems with not being able to get a good seal and switched to a larger size? Did the help?

Also, I've done the finger test where I circle the cup with my finger and it feels like it's totally open but I still have leaks (sometimes really heavy leaks)
Day 2 of my period was full of crazy leaks. That's usually the first of two heavy days.

I really do love the cup. Even though it leaks its so much better than pads or tampons but I started using the Diva in hopes that I wouldn't have to worry about leaks. :(

So, will a wider cup help? And which cups have better seals because the Diva just doesn't want to seal for me and I've tried everything (tips from youtube videos, forums etc). It's very discouraging because I really want to keep using cups!

Tags: cervix position, removal, seal & suction, sizes/size issues
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