REGEE (regee0304) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Femmycycle Revisited

I've recently wanted a new cup for my heavy days and after getting some feedback here I decided to revisit my fc.
My first few tries with fc were not horrible but in the end I put it away....for a year.....
It was difficult to insert. So much so that I was extremely sore for days! On top of that, it leaked!! So I felt it was not worth the pain to use.
I learned a few things here recently and decided to try again. It was better. I now know it does not have to open completely. I figured out I need to insert it lower than my other cups (fleur, lady, diva2) & it sits lower than my other cups. I totally thought the cup (any) was suppose to HUG the cervix but with this cup I don't think it does, it sits low and the vaginal walls 'snuggle' with it (at least that's how I think).
So does Blocked HOLES=LEAK?? I know this cup has no holes, but I'm wondering....No leaks this time with fc until it was FULL.
Oh, I inserted while lying on my bed....couldn't seem to get it right on the toilet....not the most convenient thing. But once in it stayed/no leaks/no bother for 10-12 HOURS!!!!! And this was on my 2 heaviest days!!
On my 3rd day I tryed to insert while squatting, it just kept popping OUT!!! By the time I got it in, it didn't feel comfy so I removed it & went with my LC....
All said it was a GREAT run!! i just wanted to share what I did in case it can help someone. When searching I didn't find any info. like this, in a single post I guess I should say...
I will definitely keep using it!
Tags: femmycycle, insertion
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