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PLEASE PLEASE :( Help & Read My Story--- THANK YOU (x100)!

Hi I've been browsing the site for tips & tricks for about a month now and have found it VERY useful! Even when I went on pages like Yahoo answers or Youtube (videos) they'd always recommended this page! Well I come in ask of help :( I recently purchased the Lunette Cup Size 2 and it was a terrible experience :( Well I got it because of the good reviews & because it holds more/ I have a heavy flow (size 2 is even recommended for heavy flow gals). Little did I know that it's really hard to take out (or at least for me). Well I'm a virgin and when inserted it (7-fold) early this morning at 5am (finally!!) and I could barely feel the stem to take it out (I tried baring didn't work)!! I was scared (lol), but lucky I went to the Women's Clinic at 8am this morning for them to tell me I inserted CORRECTLY (lol)! When it was inserted I couldn't feel it at all its just the suctions so strong/cervix is so high (which I found out today) that its hard to PULL out! I had the doctor/nurse pull it out for me and then I inserted the cup again (with them there to make sure I was doing it right) for the same results to happen again (I never felt so much pressure inside me in my life). And I was there for a total of 4 hours!

My question is what would you recommend for me: virgin, heavy flow, high cervix. I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to give up on menstrual cups but I can NOT insert that Lunette Size 2 cup without someone else PULLING (mind you, only by the stem only because its tight up there) it out; which isn't viable in my everyday life (lol).

Another question: Is that how the cup is suppose to sit inside you, where I can barely feel the stem (if I inserted a finger or two I could feel the whole stem...I just couldn't pull it out myself)? I thought the cup's bottom hanged out a little bit in general (like a little bit of the cup's bottom & the whole stem hanged outside the vagina), but that's just me.

P.S- I've used tampons supers for years and never had any problems inserting or taking out.

Another question: Should I get a softer cup and doesn't cause that much suction? And is it normal for cups to have that much suction? Did make my first mistake by buying the firmest cup on the market? Should I get a really small cup since its tight down there?

Please please answer....I really want to have a happy stories like you guys have with your menstrual cups & feel better about my periods. IDK I might even go back to super tampons because it was so much easier :( wah. Help please and THANK YOU...I'm forever grateful for any info anyone's able to give!
Tags: cervix position, heavy blood flow, lunette, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, sizes/size issues, virginity

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