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New to cups... need advice!


I've been lurking and reading around here for a few weeks. Finally took the plunge and bought my first cup: Moon Cup by Keeper.

After two days, I feel I can confidently say that it is NOT working for me. It's uncomfortable-- I had to trim the stem almost completely because it was agitating me so badly, but then it was very difficult to reach and remove. Also, based on what I've read on here, I think it may be too firm for me (definitely feeling the pressing-on-the-bladder issue). Between the constant pressure and irritation, I think I should investigate other cups.

I have been looking at Si-Bell, because it's softer and comparable in size, but it makes me nervous because it does seem wider, and I think narrow is the way to go for me. Does the softness help with the girth? I also looked at the Lily Cup, but it seems unpopular, though I don't know why. Can anyone elaborate on that for me?

Anyone had similar problems with the Moon Cup, and have recommendations? I've seen a lot of women on here go from Moon Cup to Lunette, but the dimensions seem so much larger, and as I've said, that seems like the wrong direction to go.

I really want to find my "Goldilocks" cup; the idea of the cup is appealing to me. BUT, I can't spend hundreds of dollars on this. So... advice, please?
Tags: keeper moon cup, lunette, si-bell
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