Allibean (hmsbackstroker) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Almost perfect!

So after doing a few dry runs, today was the day of truth. I popped in my MeLuna this morning half expecting to get my period at some point, and went to work. About noon, I went to the bathroom and kind of stuck a finger in to give the situation a check. I figured, either I would either be bleeding and it was catching it, or I wouldn't have started yet. Turns out, I was bleeding, and slightly leaking.


I didn't want the first time I took it out to be at work, just in case there was some sort of massive malfunction. So I cleaned up what I could and put on a panty liner. Got home and took it out, and there was fluid up to the last grippy line at the bottom of the cup, but also some mucus-y blood around the top of the outside. I'm assuming that was what was contributing to the leaking.

So I gave my cervix a position check (damn you, tilted wandering cervix!) and popped the MeLuna back in, but for the first time since I got it, I noticed that the front and back sides are a little concave. I can't quite get all the way up to feel the rim, so I'm hoping that it's in the right position up there. Has anyone else ever noticed that the walls of their cup don't quite open all the way but haven't had a problem with leakage? I have very strong pelvic muscles, I'm wondering if I should have gone with a sport firmness instead?
Tags: first time use, insertion

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