k8henderson (k8henderson) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Newly defected from disposables!

So I bought my first cup yesterday, a Diva Cup 2, mostly because it was available locally in a store. I have had two dry runs so far and I've had really 0 issues getting it in or out, or getting it to pop open. (yippy). I switched because my once easy peasy, 3 days and we're done periods have been replaced with, 1-2 weeks of a blood bath and a new tampon every two hours fiasco, after baby #2. sigh. well we can't have it all can we. Well with a 3yo and an infant it's a PITA to drag them to the store for girly products that I'm tired of FLYING through each month. SO HERE WE ARE. AF is due tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. (Isn't it fun to get excited about your PERIOD? I'm certainly enjoying it.)

SO. truth time. I'm pretty much on the anti-disposables bandwagon. It's a fun one because I love to sew and knit. Does anyone here use Mama cloth with their cup? I am thinking of whipping up a few panty liners for myself just because I think I might like the ability to do either. I tend to have like 2 or 3 days of, i think it's over... Just kidding, bleeding at the end of my period and the cup theoretically seems like over kill for that. Also I am a CNA working 12hr hospital shifts. Not a place to risk a leak let alone stop every 5 minutes to change myself. GAG.

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