Rocío (phantomkat) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Need a New Cup

So I've made some posts on here, but I've been AWOL for a couple of months.

So I need a new cup. The first one I had was the size 1 Diva Cup, but that one did not have enough capacity for my first two, maybe three days. I would have to change it every two hours. I also thought it might be too soft. Then I got the Meluna XL, which helped with the capacity issue, although I still have the occasional leak during those first days.

However during my first two days I'm constipated. Around two months ago I noticed that putting my cup in hurt way too much. It's a pain to walk, sit, or anything. Also my cervix seems to drop low, so it's also uncomfortable in that aspect. I resorted back to using pads then using my cup on the last half of my period. Needless to say I hate it. Wasted pads. Leaks and stains.

Since there's more cups in the market I wanted to see if anyone could recommend me a cup. I was thinking of buying a soft Meluna L for the beginning of my period, but I'm worried that's too soft. Then I was thinking of the Femmycycle because I heard it was soft but had a good capacity. Any other cups you guys would be a good fit for me?
Tags: bowel movements, femmycycle, meluna, meluna - soft

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