hinata42691 (hinata42691) wrote in menstrual_cups,

new cup suggestions?

So far I really like my diva cup (size 1) for during my period (though a little bit more capacity would be nice). But I'm looking at using a cup when I'm not on my period because I have a really heavy discharge flow during the rest of the month and would love to ditch disposable pantyliners (cloth ones really don't appeal to me much though). I have the diva in right now for a test run but I'm looking for other possible cups for daily use. I'm pretty sure I have a very high cervix (I have to bear down in order to grip enough of the diva to get it unsealed and out) so I need a decently long cup (the diva 1 minus most of the stem is a good length, stems tend to irritate me down there but the rings are nice). What I'm looking for is something that pops open more easily when I'm not at the heaviest part of my period (otherwise it likes to suction itself into a pancake and usually refuses to open regardless of how much I coax it, I've never been able to turn it). Would a cup that's narrower, stiffer, or a combination of both help? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Tags: buying decisions, divacup, popping open, sizes/size issues, teething troubles

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