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New user with removal issues: Cups with less suction?

So I've been really excited about starting to use a menstrual cup, and wanted one with decent capacity, and also a firmer cup since I want to be able to exercise without it leaking. I'm a virgin but almost 30 so I got a Large Lunette. It took me some time to work up the courage to actually get it all the way in, but now it's pretty easy, and once it's actually in I can't feel it at all and it works great. The problem now is removal.

I've read up on all the tips for breaking the seal, but I can't seem to get them to work. The problem is the entrance to my vagina seems tight. It's more than enough for me to insert the cup without much discomfort, and when I try to remove it I can feel the stem and feel like I'm getting a decent grip. However, I can't get my forefinger and thumb in high enough to actually pinch the base of the cup even after bearing down, and when I try and get my finger up the side to break the seal, I can feel that I'm not getting very far up, and can't feel the rim. The only way I've been able to get it out so far is by bearing down hard and then using a towel to get a good grip on the stem, and just pulling as hard as I can. It didn't really hurt coming out, but as you can imagine it was pretty messy, and not something I can really do in a public restroom.

Does the Lunette not have stronger suction than other cups and is this a matter of just getting used to the process? Or are there brands that are a similar length, but where I can basically pull the cup out if I can reach the stem, and not have to worry about having to reach high enough to break the seal? I initially started out wanting a firmer cup, but I'd be willing to go with a softer one if they tend to be easier to remove.

Apologies if this feels too similar to the previous question but I didn't want to hijack her post. Thanks!

Well, I make a whole lot of awkward squeaking noises and still have to figure out how to do this without getting blood all over my hands, but I can actually do it without having to resort to a towel now. I'll just have to keep practicing :). Thanks for all the help!
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