hinata42691 (hinata42691) wrote in menstrual_cups,

using cup when not on period?

I've been seriously considering trying to use a cup when I'm not on my period because my mucus flow is extremely heavy and it seems like using the cup would be easier than having to change a pantyliner every couple hours. I hate how gross pantyliners feel but I can't go without them. I go through an entire pack in about 2 weeks and would love to not have to even use then (like most of my friends are able to). I'd love to not have to smuggle one to the bathroom every time. I know a lot of people here recommend cloth pantyliners but as good as they sound, I don't think they'd work for me as I'd need to carry at least 5 or 6 with me to school everyday and have a good way to carry the dirty ones around in my bag. So, instead I've been thinking about using a smaller cup everyday (probably my ladycup or possibly a xs/s meluna) and then my regular cup (diva 1) during my period, and then just ditching pantyliners all together. But I have no idea if this is even a remotely good idea in reality or if anyone here has tried it before. I'd ask my doctor but I'm currently in Japan for at least a year (probably longer) and I'm not sure about finding a doctor here (and asking for help in Japanese). Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated. 
Tags: continuous use, dry run

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