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It's like a revolution in my pants

This might be a bit early... it's literally only day 3 of using a menstrual cup but I'm just so happy and excited about the whole thing that I wish I could just tell everyone I know about it. Most of my friends are guys though, so this wouldn't help them. And, since I enjoy reading other people's happy transitions for some reason, I feel like I'll write my own. I'm bored, don't judge me.

As I said in the post I made earlier today, I'm 17. Tampons had always been incredibly painful for me, probably more than they should have been, so I was pretty much just using pads. I'd seen references online to cloth pads and, ironically enough, found the concept disgusting.

I initially heard about the Diva cup on imgur, actually, and my first reaction was the classic "ew, what the heck is that", but the reviews were all fantabulous so I kept reading. I was hesitant, given the pain I'd had with tampons and the fact that before now I could barely put two fingers in there without it hurting. Still, I decided to go ahead with it. The benefits seemed amazing, and I knew I'd force myself to make the switch. I just couldn't go back to pads, knowing what I'd been missing.

My mom got me two of the Divacups when we went to the US, and while I did do a few dry runs (which aren't exactly dry) this is, as I said before, day 3 of using it. I had a few leaks on the first day because of the dreaded learning curve, and because it overflowed, but aside from that there's been nothing.

I can't, however, use it overnight without it overflowing, so I'm using my stock of pads for that. But I figure, if I'm going to go reusable for this, might as well do so for the pads, and suddenly I'm looking at periods from a whole new perspective. I don't have any cloth pads yet, but I plan to get (or make) some. My period panties are a bit dated, so I'm thinking if I go the homemade route I might just make my own underwear with little snaps in them to fit some cloth pads. I'm not all for the designs they have, I'm a plain and simple kind of person. I'm not an eco nut either, but I love reusable alternatives for the most part.

Everyone gets to this point in my reviews, so I'll say it as well: I'm not going back. As someone else on here said, why would I voluntarily start using diapers again. It's a cheaper alternative, certainly, once you get past the upfront costs... I don't even notice that it's in, it's a bit of a pain to take out still but it works. I've had minimal leaking, I've heard some people claim that it's helped their cramps but mine seem to be no worse than usual (which already isn't bad, comparatively.) And, while it sounds somewhat hypocritical it's cleaner, since I'm not totally filling my trash can with rolled up pads soaked with my own blood.

tl;dr I've come to the dark side, and I love it. It's a revolution in my pants. Divacup, backup cup, get some cloth pads for overnight... and that's it.
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