Serpent (serpent_849) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup use and outlet obstruction?

Does anyone suffer from pelvic outlet obstruction/evacuatory dysfunction?

After being confused for years I think I have this. Notes:
-I'm able to use cups with basically no difficulties (just the usual learning curve and finding the perfect cup business)
-The advice to "bear down as if you're having a bowel movement" never made sense to me really. I don't bear down.
-I might have a slight preference for softer cups but I think in general it doesn't matter to me. My stiffest cups are the small Lunette and small classic Meluna Mini.
-Veeeery tmi, but I need manual removal a lot, and my cups have never been a problem. Actually, they made it much better because previously manual removal while menstruating was a horrible experience.

My questions to anyone familiar with the condition:
-Does being able to use a cup make it likely that I don't have this? I fit all criteria except that I don't use laxatives or enemas. And wiki is just a convenient link, I've read a lot elsewhere about the condition, of course.
-(Assuming the answer to the previous question is no) Being comfortable with cups gives me hope for overcoming the condition. Does this make sense?
-Have you had biofeedback?
-Any techniques you've learned that help with cup removal and/or bowel movements? I don't really have problems with cup removal but this is a cup comm and I'm sure someone else will find it beneficial (including people who are simply learning to use cups).
-Are "recreational dry runs" a crazy idea? Now that I think of it, I need less manipulation after cup removal, so it almost seems like I'm a better cupper than a pooper. Kinda like the babies who learn to swim before they can walk :P

I hope it's okay that my problem is not really about cup use, given that the comments are going to be useful for cup users? (including potential ones)

Edit: oh my, been googling randomly and found out that nowadays suppositories come with applicators? WTF? These corporations are making it more and more shameful to touch your own body...
Tags: bowel movements, continuous use, disabilities & health problems, health benefits, health risks, removal, removal - painful or problems, urination
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