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First Time User

Hey, I've been lurking for a good few months now.

I've been reading a bunch of first time use posts and all about the cups. I finally settled on getting a Classic MeLuna - small and medium. I tried for the past couple of nights to get it inserted while in the shower, and I'm having a bunch of troubles, and wondering if ladies had any extra advice.

A little background info: I'm 27, and rarely used tampons in the past (probably once or twice only), I'm pretty unfamiliar with my anatomy. No children, not a virgin. I tried to find my cervix, but I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. I think it's about 5.5cm in? I tried to Google an "average height" sort of thing, but all I got were pregnancy heights.

Anyway, I tried the C-fold and 7-fold, but they're too big and I can't get it in. The punch-down-fold is the only other one I've tried, and I can get it in, but I can't for the life of me get it to pop open. I run my finger around the bottom and I feel the dimple of the fold there..I've made sure the air-hole is where the fold is. I've tried to twist it..and nothing.
I've even tried some lube to get it in there, but it's just not working? do I just wait until my period and try again?
I feel like I'm just tensing up every time I move the cup near it. I haven't even tried to use the medium if I'm having this much trouble with the small.
Also, on the side - I keep pinching myself when I try to run my finger along the edge/front/back of the cup once it's in to check, is that normal??
Tags: cervix position, dry run, first time use, meluna

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