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Meluna: why there are no US co-ops or US seller discounts and news about new cups

I was toying with the idea of buying the gold Meluna, even though it's sport, and I may never be able to wear it (I have only used classic and soft ones so far), and was considering adding a few more cups to my cart. There used to be a way to get a 20% discont if you ordered 10, which I only found out after my last Meluna shopping spree (I think I bought 7 cups or so then). I called to to find out how to get that discount, and the owner of the company answered.

He told me that they can no longer give you a volume discount or ship to co-ops or resellers in the US, until they have been FDA approved. So, for those of you wondering what happened to the FB co-ops, here's why. It sounded like a long wielded process to get the approval, so I wouldn't hold my breath for a resolution any time soon. They can still ship to private retail customers in the US.

Since I had him on the phone, I bombarded him with questions, and he also had some news: they will have two more minis soon, that will all match their current S,M,L,XL sizing, and they will match their respective diameters. I take it that means they will be 38x38, 41x41, etc...
Timeline is about 2 months.

Since they are the only company to make the mini-sized cups (ETA:please absolutely correct me if I'm wrong), I thought that was news worth sharing with y'all. It's super news for short cervix peeps like myself.

I also asked about the possibility of them ever offering their cups in silicone, and that was a definite negative for too many reasons than I can list, but made sense from a business point of view.

Another tidbit I found out when inquiring if they'll ever make the gold in soft or classic: the reason why you can only get specific colors in specific firmnesses is that color-coding helps them address customer calls (it helps them know which firmess the customer has in front of them).

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