bluecloud99 (bluecloud99) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I'm a first time user looking for support.

I'm a virgin and have a lady cup. I had no problem getting it in and it sits nicely I didn't even know it was there. I was a bit scared that I couldn't get it out so I tried to take it out straight away and had big problems. My first mistake was using lube it made it easy to get in and it sealed fine with it not sitting ridulously high even though I think I'm pretty long (I can only brush the cervix with the tip of my very long middle finger. But it was very slippery to get out.
I had a lot of problems with suction. I could only get just to the end of the base with a finger and thumb as my pubic bone was hard to get around. when I pinched itr it didn't loose suction.
I tried squishing it against the wall and I could feel the air leave but when I tried to get it out it just popped open and formed a new one. I tried to get to the top of it but I couldn't reach.
After 30 frustrating minutes I thought I'd have to go get a doctor to get it out. I'd tried all posistions, beared down relaxed everything.
So I just yanked and rocked at the tail until it came out which was pretty painfull and it was making me wish I'd used tampons where you can tug on the string and it comes out.
Has anyone got any advice on breaking suction? I'm going to make the holes larger and make a few extra to see if that helps. The pubic bone just gets in the way.
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