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26 January 2014 @ 09:55 pm
Hiya! My name is Astrid and I'm a 26 year old-virgin.
This week has been the third time I'm having my period using an Organicup, and I'm still experiencing issues, aka leakage. I have a pretty heavy flow, meaning that when I still used tampons I had to use super plus which only lasted for about 2-4 hours.

The reason for my leakage must be that I somehow don't get the insertion right. I first emailed the company and they advised me to change the fold, so I did. I'm now using the 7 fold and it's still not working. I'm really experiencing major leaking somehow even though the cups isn't halfway full sometimes. The first two times I used all kinds of different methods: inserting it deeper, squatting, turning it, and it all did not work. Now I've read here that some people push the vagina wall where it's soft in order to open it, but mine doesn't really, and this must be where the problem lies.

I must admit, however, that I'm clueless anatomically. I think I have a high cervix, I can't reach it and I almost lost my cup in there when I used it between my periods... But what I don't get is when someone on here said to someone that she "probably shoved the open rim against the back of your vagina instead of (O) around your cervix. And that's why no flow got inside." I'm trying to visualise it but I don't understand how you can have the cup next to your cervix instead around it.

So, then I read that other tip where you push your vagina wall. But here's what happens. I insert it and I literally have to unfold the cup with my fingers because it won't open on its own, and it seems that pushing the vagina wall isn't unfolding the cup properly either. I then try to get finger around it to push the wall in several places. Also, I'm having a hard time reaching in there, so it's sitting up quite high. I don't feel that I should try a smaller cup since this one only lasts for a few hours before it's filled. And the leakage is especially worse after a night's sleep.
elisamba on January 27th, 2014 05:42 am (UTC)
Even if you do not understand French, this is an illustration from a French MC forum that shows how you can miss your cervix (scroll down a bit for the pics under "bonnes positions"). http://wiki.easycup.fr/doku.php?id=utilisation:insertion

On a practical note, make sure the holes are unplugged.

You are using my favourite cup (if the small size) and I also have a high cervix. 7-fold and punchdown were trickier for me, but when I was starting out, the half-diamond was good, aiming the "poppy" bit to the softer wall. Also get a hole in the fold. Now, the C-fold is my favourite with the small Organicup.

If you have the large size, you might notice that the size with the measuring lines is slightly firmer. I read another user who said she puts that side in her fold and it opens every time.

If you cannot find your cervix lying down, you could try squatting and bearing down. It feels like the tip of your nose. It also comes lower during your period, so you can try finding it then, in the shower.

Once you know where your cervix is, you can aim the cup towards it and during insertion, squeeze the base and bear down simultaneously. That creates a better seal against the cervix.

If you have heavy flow, the leaking may simply be indicating how long you can keep your cup in. The 12-hour capacity is an average/ideal situation, but many of us don't go that long. You could go 8, 6, 4 hours etc, even 2 hours, in which case the cup's advantage isn't so much convenience as saving money on disposables for a heavy flow.

Last but definitely not least, did you find the virgin's guide to cups on this site? It's got a lot of good tips. :)
sutoroberisheku on January 27th, 2014 12:47 pm (UTC)

First of all thank you for your elaborate advice! The pictures on the French website really made it clear to me ^^ Even though I googled it before I never knew that's the way it went hahaha!

I am indeed using the small one as advised on the website, as I'm below 30 and never had children. I will definitely try the C-fold with an air hole in there. I might still try the side with the measuring lines, thank you!

I still feel that my cervix is really high, even during my period, because last night the cup crawled up again, and even though I beared down and squatted somewhat, I could barely get it... Then I have to pull the stem (which doesn't do much) because I can't even reach the base.
It seems so complicated somehow, because when I insert it I have no clue where I am somewhere within the vagina, and that I even inserted it correctly. I guess then it boils down to knowing where your cervix is.

I'm not sure, because sometimes I leak without the cup being halfway filled. I concluded from this that I simply did not insert it correctly or there was no suction or whatever.

I haven't look at it yet. thanks for the tip! I remember seeing them listing all the advantages for cups etc.

Thank you!
juliiie87juliiie87 on January 29th, 2014 12:53 pm (UTC)
I came here to suggest much the same thing : half diamond fold facing down, an running the cup under cold water to make it springier. Here are all the folds : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt6L-POE-b0