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First-time user issues

Hiya! My name is Astrid and I'm a 26 year old-virgin.
This week has been the third time I'm having my period using an Organicup, and I'm still experiencing issues, aka leakage. I have a pretty heavy flow, meaning that when I still used tampons I had to use super plus which only lasted for about 2-4 hours.

The reason for my leakage must be that I somehow don't get the insertion right. I first emailed the company and they advised me to change the fold, so I did. I'm now using the 7 fold and it's still not working. I'm really experiencing major leaking somehow even though the cups isn't halfway full sometimes. The first two times I used all kinds of different methods: inserting it deeper, squatting, turning it, and it all did not work. Now I've read here that some people push the vagina wall where it's soft in order to open it, but mine doesn't really, and this must be where the problem lies.

I must admit, however, that I'm clueless anatomically. I think I have a high cervix, I can't reach it and I almost lost my cup in there when I used it between my periods... But what I don't get is when someone on here said to someone that she "probably shoved the open rim against the back of your vagina instead of (O) around your cervix. And that's why no flow got inside." I'm trying to visualise it but I don't understand how you can have the cup next to your cervix instead around it.

So, then I read that other tip where you push your vagina wall. But here's what happens. I insert it and I literally have to unfold the cup with my fingers because it won't open on its own, and it seems that pushing the vagina wall isn't unfolding the cup properly either. I then try to get finger around it to push the wall in several places. Also, I'm having a hard time reaching in there, so it's sitting up quite high. I don't feel that I should try a smaller cup since this one only lasts for a few hours before it's filled. And the leakage is especially worse after a night's sleep.
Tags: first time use, insertion, insertion - folding methods, leakage & spotting, organicup, virginity
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