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Help needed chosing a new cup

Hello all,

I already have a Sckoon cup small, but for my heavier days I need a larger capacity cup. After some advice and looking at dimensions on the cups suggested to me I have managed to pair it down to either simply getting a large Sckoon, a Gaia, a large CupLee or either a med. or large LuvUr Body (I found a UK distributor of the LuvUr Body However I was wondering if anyone had, or knew where I could find, comparison pics of my choices compared to one another and the small Sckoon. In a perfect world I would simply buy each one and see which one I liked best but, I'm on a shoestring thin budget this year as I'm studying abroad in Germany and my only income is from a once a week tutoring job. So I can only buy one cup right now.

After all, it's one thing to see the dimensions in terms of numbers, and another to see them in person. In fact one of the reasons it took me so long to get my first cup was the fact that I was worried about the size since I had nothing to reference the numbers I was seeing on the size charts in real life. But I do have a small Sckoon cup that I feel that if I see the cups I would like to buy side by side with the cup I already own.

Please & Thank You

P.S. Feminine Wear does have a FB group as well as a newly created Preloved cups page. here is the link
Tags: buying decisions, cup lee, luv ur body, sckoon, sckooncup
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