runningfairy2 (runningfairy2) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Help w Menstrual Cups (Diva Cup, Keeper)

Hi all,

I had been using a Keeper since 2000, but recently lost it, and it was rather old so it was probably time to replace it.

I had originally bought a small Keeper but it got stuck and I had a hard time getting it out, so I ended up getting the big one for post-childbirth and that worked fine. But in recent times, I felt like it was very uncomfortable and tight and sometimes I had a hard time getting it out.

I thought I might switch to the Divacup since it's Silicon Based and I like the idea of being able to boil it and clean it. I do have heavy periods but I think anything is better than pads and tampons!

I'm 34, never had a baby, and do have endometriosis. I'm a smaller athletic woman (5'4", 120 pounds) so I'm not sure what size would be best.

Thanks, I appreciate all the help!
Tags: divacup, keeper company

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