tench2012 (tench2012) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Alternative to Lunette after pregnancy?

Hi there, hoping you all can help me find a new cup--there are so many choices now! (This community was my source of info when I first bought a cup.)

Details of the problem: I was using a small Lunette happily pre-pregnancy. I'm now 18 months postpartum and the Lunette is only somewhat effective for me--I get a fair amount of leaking and it sometimes slips down. Currently I have to wear the small Lunette inside out because otherwise it is too long for me--my cervix is far, far, far lower now than it was pre-pregnancy. Even inside out the small Lunette sometimes pokes out. Obviously that's probably a weak pelvic floor issue as well. Additionally, there is tons of room around the Lunette, so I could definitely go with something wider.

So is there a cup out there that is (1) no longer than the small Lunette but is also (2) wider? (I'm in the US, BTW.) Or maybe I'm totally off base about what kind of cup I need to get a better fit now?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, inside-out, lunette, postpartum, sizes/size issues
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