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23 January 2014 @ 08:25 pm
I've been exclusively using my Diva cup since June 2012 and I friggin' love it. I'm all about menstrual cups and I've never had any type of difficulty or pain using them.

But during my last few periods I've been experiencing a lot of pain. I can't even really explain what kind of pain. I get menstrual cramps during the first day or two of my period, but this happens more toward the end of my period and it isn't menstrual cramps. It's really unpleasant and seems to affect all my pelvic muscles. When the pain gets really bad I find it painful to wear the cup. The other day the pain was pretty intense and removing the cup hurt a lot too.

I went to see the doctor yesterday and she couldn't really give me any answers, but now I'm scheduled for a pap, as well as an ultrasound and urine tests. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I'm 31 years old and I've been through childbirth, so I know what regular menstrual pain feels like.
trejoytrejoy on January 24th, 2014 03:57 am (UTC)
I use different cups because I find wearing the same cup over many days becomes uncomfortable to even painful (I figure it's the internal pressure points of the cup style?!) So I use one cup for a day or two then switch (Iris to Sckoon, for example). When I used the Diva a few years ago I had a two day limit with it.

May not be the reason in your case, but I thought it worth sharing my experience. Took a loooong time to find my goldilocks solution. =)