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What am I doing wrong?

I am 42, have birthed two babies, and am brand new to menstrual cups. I ordered a size 2 Diva Cup and it arrived just in time for my period a few days ago.

I have a fairly low cervix - almost exactly the length of the cup - so it hangs really low. Is it supposed to be ON my cervix, or below, or to the side of it? I had better luck getting it to stay in at all when I pushed back rather than up - logically I have no idea how this makes sense, because the vagina is one space, but it worked so I'll stick with it. Prior to inserting it like that, it was just falling its way back out again. So now that I know how to insert it better, I can get it to where it's not falling down; it's actually staying put. Still low, but not falling out. So now I can get it in with no problems, and it opened just fine. (I had to trim the stem because it was irritating me, and then I ended up flipping it inside out, and that felt much better.) I was able to wear it for about an hour, twice, and both times it caught my flow just fine, with no leaking. So, yay for that.

But, it's uncomfortable as heck. I mean, it feels exactly like a large silicone cup is inside my vagina. Lol! I am amazed that people can NOT feel these things based on the way mine feels, so I'm pretty sure that something is wrong.

Do I need to insert it differently? Do I need to place it in a different spot, somehow? Do I perhaps need a more flexible lightweight cup?

I've googled like crazy, and spent a lot of time here on this site, and I can't find anyone with this particular problem.
Tags: divacup, first time use, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, inside-out

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