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Insertion Issues - Always Leaking!

Hi everybody,

I'm after a bit of advice. I have been trying unsuccessfully to use menstrual cups for over a year.

After the c-section birth of my son I had got a copper IUD and had a massive increase in flow. I first purchased a Mooncup UK, without realising there was any other brand out there. I found that I leaked consistently on the first couple of days of my period using the Mooncup, so I did a bit more research. I have a high (i.e. not within reach) cervix. My Mooncup was migrating north to the point where I could barely reach it. Aside from the leaking it was also too firm and occasionally pressing uncomfortably against my bladder. I then purchased the NaturalMamma, thinking a longer and softer cup could be just what I needed. After fiddling around with the NaturalMamma for a couple of cycles and finally finding an insertion method where I was sure it was opening, I was still getting leaks. Again, always in the first couple of days of my period.

My vaginal canal is not perfectly tubular shaped, I'm not sure how common this is as I've only felt inside my own. The front wall of my vagina is quite prominent creating a more of a C or ( shape, than an O shape (Is there anyone that can relate to this that is using a menstrual cup successfully?). (I should note that I don't think this is due to prolapes, I don't have issues with bladder control or intercourse). So I had read somewhere that a firmer cup would stand up to odd-shaped vaginas and for this reason and the capacity purchased a large Yuuki. This cup opens every time completely and seems to be foolproof yet I am still having leaking issues.

I feel like I have read and tried every tip/trick on the internet and watched a billion cup reviews on Youtube.

I am also able to pull any of these cups out using just the stem. I have never needed to break any seal, despite them seeming to be fully open. I wonder if this has anything to do with the shape of my anatomy. I.e. The ( shape of my vagina causing the round menstrual cup to miss my flow.

My period is due in about a week and I have been able to find my cervix for the first and only time. It is at the fullest reach of my index finger and located on the front wall of my vagina.

I'm really hoping someone out there can tell me if it is my anatomy that's my problem, or if I can deal with this through insertion, or another cup? 
Tags: cervix position, insertion, leakage & spotting, mooncup (uk), naturalmamma, yuuki

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