anjubea (anjubea) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Sckoon UK same as Sckoon? and coconut oil?

Hi all.-

I'm looking to buy a Sckoon cup and I thought they were made in the USA, but when I went to Amazon to buy, they show up as Sckoon UK cups. Does anyone know why this is? Were they previously made in UK and now they're made in the US and these are older ones? It doesn't matter to me much, I just want to make sure that I'm getting what I expect as the charts I've seen look like this will be a better fit for me (than the Lunette that I have). It's a bit cheaper on Amazon than directly with Sckoon. Where have others bought from (in the US)? It looks like Amazon also sells an "ecocup" version which loses the packaging and comes in a ziploc baggie. I like the idea of less packaging, but coming in just a baggie does not give me peace of mind.

Also just wanted to check in, I've seen a few people comment about using coconut oil as a lube for insertion. I thought that no oils were to be used on the silicone (of course I think that was regarding cleaning). Can someone explain to me what I'm missing?

Thanks everyone! You're insight is so helpful!
Tags: insertion, sckoon, sckooncup
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