pipsmum (pipsmum) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Want to give cups another go

Hi, I was on here a few years ago when I had a Mooncup. I didn't get on with this as it kept getting suctioned to my cervix - I rang the Mooncup help line and they told me to discontinue using them as they said my muscles were too tight and kept squidging the cup up there!! I am surprised as have had 2 kids and can't trampoline or run too fast without ..... enough said!!

I'm sick and tired of spending so much money on tampons which dry me out and leak and then cos I get dried out horrid pads hence me rethinking the cups. I'm wondering what cup would be a good one to try. I've had a look through and did wonder about the Fleurcup / Sckoon (sp?) but there's so much information my poor head is spinning!

As I said, I've had 2 children naturally, but I haven't told you I'm 46 and get pretty heavy periods.

Thanks in advance!

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