amalicious4 (amalicious4) wrote in menstrual_cups,

More buying decisions...

Lately, I have been reading dozens of posts on this WONDERFUL site, and recently, I posted two posts, which helped a lot (THANK YOU). I STILL don't know what to choose though due to the mixed opinions...
Ok so I think lunette is out of the question for a first cup (too stiff).
I want a soft cup, which is easy to insert AND remove. Since I am a 13 year old virgin, and my cervix is about 2 inches in, I am not sure what shape cup I want to use. I can stick one finger in just barely (only to check my cervix distance), so for insertion/removal, would a V shape or a U shape be best?
I have average/heavy flow, so something which could last overnight would be GREAT (though I don'n know if that's possible since I am getting small sizes). Do U shaped cups have more capacity? If so/if not, which cups are the most comfortable/ most appropriate for me.?
So far I am facing fleurcup, cuplee, and si-bell. All of them seem great... which one should I pick?
Tags: cup lee, fleurcup, heavy blood flow, hymen, insertion, removal, si-bell, virginity

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