amalicious4 (amalicious4) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Need Advice!

I am 13, and I got my first period 4 days ago. I learned about menstrual cups in school about a month ago, and I was very interested, as all of my friends said periods were horrible. As I did more research, I was hooked onto it! Everyone said it was comfy and did the job better than anything else, as long as you got the right brand.
I checked my cervix distance, and it sits about 2 inches in. I have medium/heavy flow, and am 5'2". I tried tampons, and they seem ok, though the first insertion was tough. I am looking into getting the lunette, but I think for my first cup, I need something nice and soft and easy to insert.
Is lunette soft enough? Should I use meluna, sckooncup, ladycup, or iriscup instead? Any recommendations?
Are menstrual cups comfortable enough, will insertion hurt, because it hurt a little for tampons? I know I should relax, but it was still hard...
Are there any fold recommendations which make it thin as possible (as thin as a tampon), as well as easy to pop open, like half-diamond, punch-down, seven/triangle, origami, or double seven?

Thanks soooo much!
Tags: buying decisions, family & friends, first time use, heavy blood flow, hymen, insertion, insertion - folding methods, iriscup, lady cup, lunette, meluna, meluna - soft, sckoon, sckooncup, tampons, virginity
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