spookyspacecoyo (spookyspacecoyo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Newbie - Releasing suction when inserting?

I looked around but was unable to find an answer to my specific question, so if this has already been detailed elsewhere- deepest apologies and please send me that direction.

I'm a first time cup user (using the Lady Cup small) and today I tried to do my first insert. I was able to successfully insert it (a few times) but each time I release the cup it's epic suction time, and the cup wants to pull upward. I'm a little scared to let the cup do what it wants to do because my cervix is very high (I have never been able to reach it) and because I read this terrifying horror story and I do not want my menstrual cup to be suctioned to my cervix.

So my questions are:

-How will I know when my menstrual cup is properly inserted? There won't be any suction, correct?
-How do I get rid of the suction? Do I need to insert it higher/ let it pull itself up higher? Should I just let go completely, see what happens, and go from there? (I've been grabbing the stem and/or bottom, for fear of it going too high)

Additional details: I haven't been able to successfully complete a 360 turn, and as it feels like there is a vacuum in my uterus it's quite difficult remove the cup.

Summary: First time user read a horror story, is now scared of getting cup stuck inside of body.
Tags: first time use, insertion - painful or problems, lady cup, popping open, seal & suction
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