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Cup Stretched Cervix?

Cup stretched cervix??
January 13, 2014, 09:56

I am a cup newbie. After reading some reviews I decided to get a large Sckoon cup. I will add some history here so it may help. 39 with 3 vaginal births. I have a low cervix on my 2nd and 3rd day of my cycle, with a very heavy flow. I had no problems with insertion, I did have some trouble getting it to fully open at first. The rim was not a problem and I was able to get it to fully "inflate" after spending more time in my lady parts. The problem was that the cup seemed to deflate, or squish down a bit and causing the cup to suction inside of me rather than seal. This is after checking the cup after an hour of going about my day of house cleaning. All seemed well and I was happy. I emptied the cup probably more often than needed because I had no idea how fast it would fill. At the end of the day I figured I would check my cervix position and what I felt FREAKED me out! My cervix was no longer a round "o" it was in a weird shape and the best I can describe it is that half of my cervix stretched and pulled down so like the normal "o" shape was now slanted. Like if you cut a carrot on a mad angle. I laid off the cup for the rest of my cycle and it took my cervix 24 hours to return to normal and it felt slightly swollen for another 24 hrs. All things did return to normal. So having said all of that, I felt I was able to get the cup to fully inflate, but maybe it is to soft the when I am active and more about that it is squishing down and creating a suction love affair with my cervix?? Not sure this is my first go at a cup so any suggestions?? I am very familiar with the pre cup cervix shape and feel and post cup cervix shape and feel. It was definitely messed up. I am extremely familiar with my parts.
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