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body rejecting lunette cup?

Hi, I'm a first-time poster and LJ-er! I am 28, had one child via c-section over a year ago, have PCOS (if it matters), and based on anecdotal evidence from my husband and a variety of OB/GYNs have a particularly small/tight vagina. After doing my research, I bought a Lunette cup--size 1--and tried it out for the first time (on my period) yesterday. I had loads of trouble getting it inserted though once it was finally in it seemed to open and rise up into the vaginal canal pretty easily/on its own. After reading recommendations on here, I'll probably try to use some coconut oil next time to ease insertion. I was a bit surprised at how high the cup seemed to go once fully inserted though I could always feel the stem.

I put it in around 8pm, assuming I would wear it through the night and change it when I got up at or before 8 in the morning. I could feel a slight pressure from the cup and had some slight cramping, but I assumed both of those things were normal, especially for a first-time user. I also had two bowel movements before going to bed, which is definitely unusual, but again, I assumed it was just my body adjusting to the cup and its various pressures. I was awakened at 3:30am by intense cramps in my upper abdomen (?!), just beneath my breasts in the center of my stomach. They were strong enough to prevent me from going back to sleep, so I decided to get up and remove the cup just in case the cramps were somehow related to it. Once I was up, I was hit by a wave of nausea. Happily, I was able to remove the cup without any real problems though it took longer than I expected to get it low enough to break the suction with my finger. After the cup was removed, cleansed, and put away, I was unbearably queasy and continued to have bowel movements. Then the vomiting began.

I was back in bed, with classic post-vomit sweaty chills, about an hour after I left it. I'm scared to try the cup again. I desperately want it to work because I hate tampons and pads and because the Lunette was a bit of an investment, but I also hate vomiting and not sleeping. No one else in my family was sick and we all ate the same things yesterday, and the symptoms didn't last long enough for it to have been a virus, so I'm pretty sure it was the cup. What do I do differently if I try it again? Are there any other stories of people overcoming this kind of strong bodily reaction? Thanks for any guidance and information!
Tags: cervix position, cramps, insertion - painful or problems, lunette

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