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Trouble with my Femmecup!

When I got my femmecup in the mail, I was super excited. All that ran through my head was "no more soft cups, better yet no more pads". I actually couldn't wait for my next period. But when it came along, day one was too light for it to be properly lubricated. So I gave it another try on day 2, my heaviest and most dreaded day. I chose to try it out after school so I won't have to rush anything, and after school that day I was kinda fuming over a big leak at school (I don't bring backup pads). So I decided this would be the perfect chance for my Femme cup to save the day.

I don't know any folds except the punch down and the c fold. The c fold was too big and hard to keep in place. So I used the punch down fold which worked pretty well. After panicking, chickening out, and taking lots of deep breaths to try again I got most of the cup in. (For all first timers, keeping your lower lip slack really helps.) However, my hand slipped off the cup and it popped open half way, which hurt a lot. Luckily I did my research, because if I didn't, I would have tugged the stem. Instead, I started panicking and pinched the base of the cup. I heard something and thought the suction released so I tried yanking it out, which is what I always do for softcups. The cup did not budge and now it really hurt. So in a panic frenzy, I reached up to the rim with my index finger and pushed the rim to the side, sorry if that's too much info, and then I yanked it out. I washed and dried the cup and since then, it's been in it's pouch in my drawer because I grew a bit scared of that thing. But I'm not ready to give up, because I paid for that and went through the trouble of sneaking it into the house. Also because I can't stand Always pads, they always leak. I wanna know what caused the cup to hurt so much and maybe some better folding tips, and what I could do to avoid this next time

In case this helps, when the cup popped open, it felt kind of like something was sort of pulling off my insides. Shortly after removing the cup, I felt as if nothing ever happened.

Oh yeah, sorry for all the words, but is femmecup good for a person with a high cervix? I have a really high cervix but femmecup was the first reusable cup I've seen in person, so is it considered long or short?
Tags: cervix position, femmecup, insertion - painful or problems, popping open

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