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Newbie Mama needs a shorter cup!

Well, I’m a newbie. I just finished my first month with a Large Lunette. Some success, but I think I may have to find another cup. ; (

I’m 36. I’ve had 3 vag. Births and 1 c-section. I’ve got a tipped uterus and low cervix. After having kids I’ve had trouble with tampons . They tended to “migrate” and just weren’t comfortable anymore. I chose the Lunette because it was much shorter than the diva and had good capacity. However, I think I need something shorter still. Do I dare go with a size 1 of something?

I liked that the Lunette snapped open well. I could insert it and seem to have it all internal and the moment I stood up I discovered the entire stem would be poking out. I tried and tried different folds and different positions, but no luck getting it all to stay inside. It seemed to bother me more as the days went by to have the stem out. Finally I measured my cervix(throughout my cycle) and it always seemed about 52mm or 2 1/8” or roughly the length of the cup (aha!).

I eventually took to wearing it inside out (as I’d seen recommended for Divas). However, it wasn’t ideal. I had several times where it flipped around strange and an overnight where it had been in funny. Woke up with a backache and feeling like I had a bruised tailbone. Even upside down, it still was barely contained and irritated me on the last day.

I trimmed it down to the last ridge, but it still poked out and bothered me. (I didn’t want to trim it all the way off yet, just in case my cervix would be higher in another cycle and I didn’t start this one till day 2 – Does that happen?) I finished my period and felt for my cervix and still feel that low position.

So, I was able to get this to work. I needed the capacity on my heavy days, but not on the light. I had minimal leaking. However, I could always feel the cup (perhaps because of the stiffness of the Lunette?), but certainly because the length bothered me. I’d like to keep trying, but I don’t know that this size of Lunette is going to do it for me. I’m already thinking about buying another brand, but of course it’s a pretty expensive proposition, and I hope that I can nail it next time.

So, as I look at charts, I’m trying to find short ones, with good capacity, but with a wider rim to accommodate my looser walls, and probably softer than the Lunette. Some of the ones that interest me seem like they could be hard to get (L Lybera, M Meluna mini). Anyone have much experience with the Lybera or Meluna Mini (squishiness)? I can’t find much about the Lybera in particular..
The sckoon cup looks interesting too (I wish I had discovered it before). I’m wondering if their stretchy stem is less irritating then others…course it is only 2mm shorter than the large Lunette, so I don’t know if that is enough to make a difference. Or do I try a small size of something? Is it more likely to leak?
Which way do I go to find that “goldilocks” cup? Thanks!
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, first time use, inside-out, lunette, meluna, sckoon, sizes/size issues, stem length/trimming, tilted uterus
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