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Best cup for a low cervix?

Hi all. I've been trying to find the perfect cup. I started w/ a small Diva Cup, and while it seemed like it fit well enough, it would start leaking before it was even half full. I next tried the Sckoon. I had really high hopes for it. A lot of the reviews on Amazon were from people who had started with the Diva and weren't satisfied with it, then tried the Sckoon and loved it. But I had the same problem - leakage even though the cup wasn't even close to full. On a heavy day, I had to empty the cup about 4 times. Not very convenient at work or when out and about! Also not good for overnight use. At least I finally figured out that part of my cervix is sitting in the mouth of the cup and taking up much needed space, which is what is causing the leakage.

The Diva cup's length is 57mm, the large Sckoon is 50mm, so I really thought that it would be short enough. I've been looking at comparison charts, and I've only seen a few cups that are much shorter than 50mm, and they are generally the smaller size. That's another thing I'm not sure about - I don't know if I need a wider cup. I'm almost 35, but I've never had kids. I moved up to a wider cup after the leakage w/the Diva, because I thought it wasn't wide enough. The large Sckoon certainly wasn't uncomfortable, but it didn't pop open as easily as the small Diva that I'd had before.

I really don't want to go back to tampons, but trying a new cup every month is getting expensive! I would love whatever advice you ladies can give. It seems like cup length isn't necessarily the only thing to consider with a cervix that sits low. Besides, it seems like the cup ends up sitting wherever your body wants it to, and my body seems to want the cup to suction onto my cervix!

Tags: cervix position, divacup, leakage & spotting, sckoon
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