divacupaerb (divacupaerb) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New here - and stem question


I'm new here but have been lurking since I first bought my Divacup about 4 months ago. I'm on my 3rd cycle currently and it's now a breeze. Seriously life changing.

This time around though I am experiencing some irritation from the stem. I'm tempted to cut it but I'm also nervous about doing so since often bearing down doesn't get it low enough to grab and I am digging my nails into the stem to be able to pull it down low enough to squeeze and remove. Thoughts?

If anyone who hasn't switched to menstrual cups is reading this- GO FOR IT. It's seriously liberating. I've spent my entire life dealing with debilitating cramps and overly heavy bleeding. Earlier this year I got a new GYN who finally, FINALLY had a solution for me to manage the pain and manage the bleeding (800mg ibuprofen for pain, Lysteda for bleeding) and I'm currently even weaning myself off of that. Add in the menstrual cup and not having to bleed through super tampons every hour or two and I feel absolutely LIBERATED! I no longer dread my period coming, it's just a minor inconvenience now instead of a major life event.

I also might be crazy but I think that the divacup has also lead to the lessening of my cramping. At least in intensity.
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