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Trying to find larger capacity cup

So after much research from this site and a few others, I made my first menstrual cup purchases.

I purchased a small Lunette and a small Yuuki to compare and gauge how my body responds to the cups. They were different, and so I thought they would be good to compare.
Even though I have the Yuuki, I use the Lunette because it is softer. They both have the same capacity, but the Yuuki was so firm that it hurt when it popped open! I do like that the Yuuki has a slicker, shinier surface; I thought that that made it a little easier to insert because it was smoother than the matte Lunette.

I do continue to use my Lunette, but I would like something with more capacity. I had cut off most of the stem, so that all that's left is from the base of the cup to the first ridge in the stem. I also think that my cervix is sitting in the cup, causing me to have less capacity. When my Lunette leaks and I take it out it is never completely full. I would say that half to three quarters of the cup gets filled.
My Lunette only rides up a little bit, so that what's left of the stem is probably half a centimeter from my entrance. I don't think I need a really long cup for that reason. But if I get a shorter cup, wouldn't it ride up and have my cervix sit in it like the Lunette?

I like softer cups, but I'm not sure about the shape I would like. I'm looking at a Large Fleurcup, a Large Sckoon, or even a large CupLee (though I don't know too much about this brand). Any other suggestions would be great, and I will answer any questions if I haven't given enough info here.

I forgot my stats! I'm 18 yrs. old and a virgin. 5'3" and 130 lbs.

Thanks everyone!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, cup lee, fleurcup, leakage & spotting, lunette, lunette selene, sckoon, sckooncup, sizes/size issues
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