barrie_meep (barrie_meep) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Cup Removal

Any suggestions for removing these?
I used one for the first time yesterday, & it was a nightmare. Inserted with minimal issues, rotated & checked it had opened fine, & couldn't feel it. When time came to remove it, it took a few hours & 3 sessions with a number of attempts within these sessions, to the point I had to get my husband to help as I just couldn't get a hold of it properly to get it out, as well as breaking the seal. Didn't help that it had ridden up further making it harder to get to. I did a lot of research before trying (and after) followed all the directions to the letter, & all the removal suggestions too. Bearing down didn't help at all (I do have fairly strong muscles too), relaxing got harder as time went on, & I just couldn't break the seal AND get a good hold of it. Was going to go to an after hours clinic to get it removed if the final attempt didn't work.
Cried my eyes out, was utterly exhausted & mortified.
Want to keep using as it cost $65, but now I'm not sure if I hate it or it terrifies me.
Tags: removal - painful or problems

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