ffffrench (ffffrench) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Meluna Facebook Co-op still exist?

Hello, Does the Meluna Facebook Co-op still exist? I am a forty year old woman, wife, and mother, who found your MC sites two years ago. Despite my involvement over the past two decades with NFP, natural childbirth, cloth diapering, and healthy living in general, it was my first introduction to cups, as well as cloth pads. After many hours of research over the course of a week, I became the satisfied owner of two MeLunas, and a set of Luna pads for backup. Now my fourteen year old daughter Michelle, who has never used disposable feminine hygiene products, and probably never will (thanks ladies!), is interested in getting her first cup. I bought mine a little over two years ago through a Facebook co-op out of Oregon maybe, and I think the leader of it was named Janet. I went looking for the co-op, hoping we could get my daughter one for $20-ish like I did, but it looks like the FDA has outlawed group sales now? Anyway, what Michelle picked out was a Small, soft cyan MeLuna with a ring stem, so I thought I'd post her request here before we order overseas. Any advice on where to order from if we can't find one here? We live in the US, in Michigan. Thank you. - Stephanie
Tags: first time use, meluna - soft, where to buy
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