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Abnormally high cervix?

Hello, I'm new here, I know it's possible someone might have posted this question before, but I haven't quite found anything exactly the same as my question (but I probably haven't read all the questions here either, since this is such a huge forum).

I think I have a very very very very very high cervix, is it possible to have such an abnormally high cervix, or could I be doing something wrong, maybe using the wrong sized cup?

I have a Femmecup (only one size available) and a medium and large classic Meluna. I can't use the Femmecup or the large Meluna at all, the large Meluna has a ball stem. When I use them on heavy (*low* cervix) days it is very very hard for me to even find the cup or touch it at all. I can barely graze the bottom of the stem with the tip of my longest finger. There is no way I can pinch the bottom to remove the suction, because I can't even reach the bottom. And the "hotdog" method is out of the question, of course, because since I can't even touch the bottom of the cup I can't stick a finger up along the side either.

After struggling for more than an hour and bearing down for a long time (I've had 2 natural childbirths so it is not like I am untrained in this) I was able to barely slip 2 fingers (not my thumb, my thumb couldn't reach up that far) up against the stem and with the tips of both fingers pull down on the stem, which was hard to do because it was slippery. When I managed to pull the stem down far enough (after a load more of bearing down) I was finally able to pinch in the bottom and pull the cup out.

When I'm on a *high* cervix or light day, I can't even use these 2 cups at all, because I feel that they keep "swimming" away from me when I try to reach for them, and I am only able to grasp at empty air :( But I don't use them now even on heavy, *low* cervix days because it is just not worth it to take over an hour just to remove them and get panic attacks all the time thinking "this time it really won't come out".

I only use the medium Meluna cup right now because it has a ring stem so I am able to grab a hold of the ring in order to pull it down low enough to pinch it in, then I can pull it out by pinching in the bottom and rocking it back and forth while pulling downwards.

I was wondering if anyone has any advice / suggestions? From what I've read it seems that most people have no difficulty reaching the stem and most usually have the opposite problem, that is, that the stem sticks out. I wish I had that problem instead! Do I have a reeeeeeeally abnormally long vagina or something?

I also want to get another cup as back-up, what could you recommend for someone with such a swan's neck vagina like me? I've read that Divacups are quite long, but they also look quite wide. Would you recommend perhaps getting another large Meluna but with a ring stem and in the soft version (instead of the classic version) instead, since I've read that softer cups are easier to remove, and the classic Meluna that I have is only of a medium softness (ie. not very soft, especially the rim which is quite stiff)? How about a Lilycup?

By the way, I'm over 30 (don't ask how much over 30 haha!) and I've had 2 babies the natural way. Thank you!
Tags: brand comparisons, cervix position, femmecup, meluna, removal, removal - painful or problems

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