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31 December 2013 @ 04:07 pm
I'm 17 and wanting to buy my first cup. I've had the wort time with pads and tampons. I have a heavy flow,my cervix is just a bit on the low side, and i get god awful cramps. Plus i'm so busy it makes tampons and pads just the worst. I have to wear super plus tampons. Not only are they over full in maybe two hours but they make my cramping even worse. Pad are just messy and too bulky for me to realistically use. Recently I've been using softcups. They're better but i have a problem with leaking. I'm thinking that a menstrual cup will be the best option because they form a seal. Here's the thing, what kind? I've been looking at the Sckoon cup and the Meluna. i want something with a more settle rim (the diva and keeper cups look insane to me) plus if i'm buying a cup i might as well get a pretty one :) I've been leaning a bit more toward the Sckoon because i can get it on amazon even though its a bit more expensive. Also what size? i know it says small for pre-birth, but i'm worried about capacity. I know the MeLuna comes i'm more sizes. Or is there something even better out there? HELP.
elisamba on January 1st, 2014 07:21 am (UTC)
For your cramps, make sure you get a cup with a wide enough diameter that it won't rub your cervix and make things worse.

Shortish and wide: the large Fleurcup. It gets a lot of good reviews for springiness, softness, and capacity. I have read some reviews that the Sckoon can be hard to open, which can be discouraging in your first cup.

The Diva rim isn't actually that pronounced, maybe just looks like it in the pictures - have you held one in your hand? But regardless, if your cervix is low, the Diva is not your cup. :)