flightopheonix (flightopheonix) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup for a 12 year old

My daughter has asked me to buy a cup for her. She really dislikes pads- with a passion, but tolerates tampons. Still, she wants a cup, because she finds that tampons become uncomfortable if she gets the super absorbency (which lasts for about 2 hours on heavy days) as they either get too long (tampax) or too wide (ob). The teen/slimfit are great in theory, but the absorbency doesn't cut it for the first couple days if she wants to leave the house.

I think a mini would be too small in capacity, as well as too short for her to be comfortable with for removal, but the only locally available option is a Diva, and I suspect even their smaller size will be too long (though maybe not flipped inside out?)

I suspect the goldilocks will be a relatively soft cup that isn't too tricky to open- anyone have a great one to suggest? Pretty colors are definitely a plus.

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