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31 December 2013 @ 05:03 pm
My daughter has asked me to buy a cup for her. She really dislikes pads- with a passion, but tolerates tampons. Still, she wants a cup, because she finds that tampons become uncomfortable if she gets the super absorbency (which lasts for about 2 hours on heavy days) as they either get too long (tampax) or too wide (ob). The teen/slimfit are great in theory, but the absorbency doesn't cut it for the first couple days if she wants to leave the house.

I think a mini would be too small in capacity, as well as too short for her to be comfortable with for removal, but the only locally available option is a Diva, and I suspect even their smaller size will be too long (though maybe not flipped inside out?)

I suspect the goldilocks will be a relatively soft cup that isn't too tricky to open- anyone have a great one to suggest? Pretty colors are definitely a plus.
きみえ (Kimie)kimie_catclaw on December 31st, 2013 11:05 pm (UTC)
Small or medium soft Meluna?
Belleravynwitch on January 1st, 2014 12:04 am (UTC)
Make sure she knows, too, that if it's not working for her, you will buy her something different. That way she doesn't feel like "well, this was probably expensive, I should keep using this..." I would also link her to our community so she can ask us questions or just read other people's questions and answers if she isn't comfortable asking you/us.
I've had decent experience ordering cups through Amazon, so don't feel limited by what is available in your area.
elle2013elle2013 on January 1st, 2014 01:43 am (UTC)
Have you considered a small Ladycup? They have a rare combination of soft body for comfort, with firm rim for easy popping open. They also come in a wide range of colors. Good luck!
trejoytrejoy on January 1st, 2014 02:25 am (UTC)
You might consider the Sckoon cup for its softness and capacity. I need very flexible, fairly short cups so Sckoon, Ladycup and Femmecup are my goldilocks cups.
elisamba on January 1st, 2014 07:15 am (UTC)
There is no need to automatically steer towards a small cup for a young girl, since the sizes are a bit arbitrary and one brand's small is another's large. :) You can check out the sizes on sizecharts.livejournal for length, diameter, and capacity.

Does she know where her cervix is yet? I ask because you say some super tampons get too long, so she may have a moderately high or even low cervix. It is a really important parameter in choosing the right cup.

For a low to moderately high cervix, I would recommend the small Organicup, which was my first cup and is soft, yet very easy to unfold upon insertion, and then refold for removal. If her cervix is high, the small Gaiacup is also nice, extremely soft yet easy to open because it has six holes. (It is bulkier to insert, though - can she insert tampons without an applicator?)

There is a nice YT channel called "precious star pads" where a 16-year-old girl gives tips specifically for teenagers, and she does cup reviews.

beachgrrl248 on January 1st, 2014 07:25 am (UTC)
I second the "precious stars pads" YouTube channel! It might be extremely helpful to you because she reviews quite a lot of cups from a teen's perspective, especially one's that would be worth considering for your daughter.
Jennnakedfaery on January 1st, 2014 02:05 pm (UTC)
I echo the suggestion of the Skooncup. It's soft but has always popped open quite easily for me. The capacity is good as well. I tried the Ladycup but the small Ladycup didn't have a good enough capacity for me. Removal was also a bit difficult because it doesn't (or at least it didn't back them) have any grips on the bottom so my fingers kept sliding all over the place and I even pinched my vaginal walls a few times.
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on January 1st, 2014 02:12 pm (UTC)
There are many size and capacity charts at the Community FAQ. She needs to do some self-exploration to figure out which ones she thinks will fit and then use capacity, shape and other features to pick her favorite from there.
juliiie87juliiie87 on January 1st, 2014 05:12 pm (UTC)
I would cross out any of the lowest capacity options if she has a heavy flow, such as Mini and optimized small Meluna, small Ladycup and Mooncup. I would look at rounder shaped cups that are not too firm, either in a small or large size (again, the trade off of having do deal with a slightly larger cup for removal and insertion is a higher capacity... so a soft, large cup might turn out a great fit for her, despite what instructions say). Look at small & large Fleurcup combo, medium & large meluna soft (truthfully very soft and comfy, but may require some finesse/the right folding technique to help them unfold), Si-bell and Sckoon in either size. Length is the most improtant factor, then stiffness and in case of a heavy flow, capacity. The small Lunette, why not, but it's more of a medium-firmness cup and the pointy shape is not the best option to optimize capacity whith a low cervix getting in the way.
moonhoney925 on January 5th, 2014 04:21 am (UTC)
I agree with juliiie87, your daughter has a heavy flow so I'd be looking at higher capacity cups. I'd suggest a large Fleurcup or a CupLee- both are softer cups and are available in lots of colours. The stems can be removed if needed.

Oh and I think it's great that you're such a supportive parent. We've had a few teenage girls on this forum who don't have very supportive parents when it comes to cups and I always feel bad them.

Edited at 2014-01-05 04:25 am (UTC)
fee_parisienne on January 1st, 2014 06:40 pm (UTC)
CupLees are soft and come in lots of pretty colors! They are a longer length, but I find my yellow CupLee quite comfortable (my other regular-use cup is a medium sized MeLuna).
flightopheonix on January 2nd, 2014 05:49 pm (UTC)
I've shown her links to the charts and images, and she's going to order 3 different cups she would like to try. If none of those work, we will learn from what did or did not work, and try from there. I asked her to let me know which three she would like to have to try so I can get them ordered in the next couple days. I know one will be a ring-stem as she seemed to really want to try that to see if it made removal easier than other options, but otherwise, I think she's still looking (obsessively) through the options. :)
subhanala on January 2nd, 2014 08:32 pm (UTC)
Also consider the small yuuki soft. I have one and it pops open very easily. It's quite comfortable as well. I also have a MINI medium Meluna soft, but the capacity is seriously low (which is okay for me now that I'm on hormonal birth control, but If I were still having my regular flow,it would definitely be too small!)
I have a large sckoon, but it is so big and hard (due to my low cervix and endometriosis) that it doesn't work for me.
I recently ordered a medium and large Melina for some friends, and they look to be a good size/proportion that you are looking for. Though I do have to say the ball stem appears better than the ring stem. My meluna has a ball stem and I can't even feel it and the ring stems feel as though they would irritate me similar to every other type of stem I've tried. Hth

Edit: also, I would buy one cup first, then if it does not work, use the experience to guide your future cup purchases, this way you don't end up with three useless cups.

Edited at 2014-01-02 09:21 pm (UTC)
flightopheonix on January 2nd, 2014 11:31 pm (UTC)
The cups would stick around if she decides not to use them at this point. We have a 'no questions asked' cupboard she and her friends (or anyone else coming by) are able to access stocked with all sorts of hygiene related stuff from toothbrushes to condoms, an assortment of pads/tampons, clean (new in package) underwear in a few sizes, hair care stuff- and anything else we might toss in there. Oh, and always chocolate bars.

If they don't work for her, they can go in the cupboard (sanitized, of course) 'just in case' someone might not be able to access one otherwise.
..::bella vita::..por_que_no on January 4th, 2014 03:37 am (UTC)
I second the recommendations for the Sckoon and Si-Bell (I have the latter and while long, the stem is totally trimmable to her specifications if needed)