LS (lacrymaslave) wrote in menstrual_cups,

new convert

Hi everyone, another convert here~ I'm 32, not been sexually active for too many years, and not had kids.

Just here to say it took me about 4 cycles to suss it out, but I'm there! Still not 100% but I managed to use my fleur cup successfully. It's still a battle and a half to get it in and even more so to remove, but I'm getting better and I love not having to wear pads in the middle of summer SO MUCH!!


My main problems initially were very sensitive bits around my opening, whenever I tried to insert the cup there would be a raw/stinging feeling(same reason stops me from using non applicator tampons), and once I got past that the cup would pop open too early and blast my bits to smithereens! Each cycle I would try and give up, and over the past three months I only managed to insert it once, but removed it after a short time because I wasn't sure it was sitting properly, and the tab was a bit uncomfortable.

But today, today I'm going to the beach! So I practised yesterday, determined to master this art, and I finally did it!! I even used it overnight without having to link a small pad to an overnight pad, then put towels under my bum! I'm still quite messy when removing it and wouldn't attempt to re-insert away from home, but at least now when I go to work I won't have to worry about what bottoms to wear and how many pairs of tight shorts to go under that in case of leakage.

Basically, I am reborn! A free woman!
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