megankgr (megankgr) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Seeking Goldie - questions about Meluna Soft and FemmyCycle

So, I'm pretty new to cups and I'm thinking that either the FemmyCycle or the medium soft Meluna might be my goldielocks cup. I've already posted on MC-Sales but I have a couple questions/concerns about these two cups

question 1: The ring option for the stem on the melunas looks like it would make removal a bit easier(I have a hard time gripping the tab stem on my green donna), but it looks like it might be a little irritating too. Does anybody have experience with the ring stem on the meluna?

question 2: I've been reading reports about how the femmycycle is completely different from other cups when it comes to suction. Does it have any suction? is it strong? do I need to break any seal when I remove it? I have an IUD so I'm super cautious with removal, but does anyone have experience using the femmycycle with an IUD? my strings are pretty long, but I usually just make sure they're tucked up behind my cervix before inserting my cup, and that I break the seal before removal and I haven't had an issue with it yet(knock on wood).

Any and all shared experiences are welcome and appreciated!
Tags: femmycycle, meluna, meluna - soft, stem length/trimming
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