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Help finding a new cup

Hi all! Fist I want to say thank you to everyone here. You all are great!I've learned so much lurking here and without you all I'm not sure I would have had such success with my cups.

I've been using a medium and a large Meluna classic for almost a year and love them. After stopping bc my cycle and body have drastically changed and I'm looking for another cup to add to my collection.Here's my conundrum: when my cervix is low my medium is too long(even without the stem), but my large fits fine. I know the medium is shorter so I'm assuming my cervix is actually sitting in the large. Here's the problem with my large: on heavy days when my cervix is low I'm more sensitive and it seems to cause some pain and cramping.

I'm looking for a cup that will be the right length, diameter, and comparable capacity, but soft enough to be comfortable the first few days. (And I'm just wanting a new cup too. They should come with warnings on how addictive they are.) I've looked at the size chart and I'm not sure which to go with, but I'm open to suggestions for anything.
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